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'Swing-away' Mailbox Support Poles
The Mission Township Board would like residents to convert their mailbox supports to a 'Swing-Away' support to ensusre damage is not done to mailboxes during the snow plowing season.  Currently this 'Swing-Away' support is only required by Crow Wing County residents who live on a county road.  The 'Swing-Away' is designed for the plow blade to pass under the mailbox, if snow is thrown the support will swing out of the way not causing damage to the mailbox.
The 'Swing-Away' supports can be purchased at the Highway Dept. at 16589 Cty. Rd. 142 in Brainerd.  The cost is $55.00 plus $4.06 tax.
If residents express interest in obtaining the 'Swing-Away' supports, the Township will make the kits available at the Town Hall for the same cost.  Please contact the Mission Town Clerk at 218-765-4377 or email missionclerk@gmail.com if interested in purchasing the  'Swing-Away' mailbox supports.

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